Zeke Dark
Zeke Dark
  • Born: 15th October 1952
  • Current Age in Series: 20
  • Occupation: College Student, Apprentice
  • Current Address: Dark Manor, Axley, Kent.

Zeke Otthaniel Dark is the son of Mr. Dark.


Zeke was born to Alicia Dark and Otthaniel Dark on the 15th October 1952. Whilst his father was busy working, Zeke spent alot of time with his mother, who home schooled him at Axley Manor throughout his pre-teen years. Young Zeke, like his father before him, eventually grew bored of being at home, and, keen to see more of the surrounding area, ventured up to Soma to meet the legendary "Family Friends", Theo and Otto.

Having befriended the tank engines, he found that they could teach him alot more than his mother could, and thus, reluctantly and confusingly, Alicia allowed the twins to "teach" Zeke about the world. Upon hearing about this, Otthaniel decided that Zeke should learn more about the railway in general, but Alicia suggested that their son should have a different upbringing and, reluctantly, Otthaniel sent Zeke to an expensive boarding school at the age of 10.

Though Zeke was initially saddened by this, he made great progress in school, excelling in all of his subjects, but missed home greatly. Having such an intellect, and keen to impress his mother and father, Zeke threw himself into his studies, and actually managed to finish all of his schooling much earlier than anticipated, gaining several useful qualifications at the tender age of 16. 

Instead of returning home, Zeke, interested in mechanics and engineering, sought out his godfather, none other than Caracus Smash. Upon talking, Mr. Smash agreed to take on Zeke as an apprentice, slightly annoying his mother, who had wanted Zeke to become something other than a railwayman! However, she understood that railways and mechanics ran deep in his blood, so she did not object. Eventually, Caracus offered Zeke a full time job, which he accepted with his father's blessing.

As of 1970, Zeke is still working with Mr. Smash at Caracus Smash Ltd. He also took to assisting the Dark Railway Preservation Society. In late 1971, Zeke began talking with Theo and one of the line's other engines, Dave, in the Galen Junction Railway Museum, and agreed to help them see their missed ones again. However, he was reluctant to let anyone else know who he was, so he asked the pair to not reveal his identity to any other engine. He later got involved in a wild chase after stealing one of Mr. Chairman's custard creams. In 1972, Zeke purchased Colossus from a scrapyard and had him displayed in the museum until he could get around to restoring him. He arranged to have him displayed alongside Eddie in order to finally give the latter some company.

In 1973, Otthaniel Dark announced his intentions to retire from managing the Dark Railway. In the same announcement, he appointed Zeke as his successor, and Zeke promised his father that he would not let him down.


Zeke is young and impressionable, but is well liked by his colleagues, his parents, and his godfather, Caracus Smash. He has shown to be an excellent engineer, and enjoys his job at Caracus Smash Limited, though he harbours a secret desire to learn more about the operations around the Dark Railway, which, one day, he will own.


Zeke Dark has short dark brown hair. He currently wears a set of grey workshop overalls.


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Trivia Edit

  • It has been confirmed that Zeke owns at least one engine, Colossus.