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Walschurch Viaduct
  • Location: Walschurch, Kent
  • Operator: Dark Railway
  • Constructed: 1892 (Rebuilt 1946)
  • Arches: 13
  • Main Element: Stone
  • Tracks: 2
  • Status: Operational

Walschurch Viaduct is a large stone viaduct on the Dark Railway. The viaduct spans Lake Walschurch, overlooked by the village of Walschurch .


The original viaduct was built in 1892, and was of brick construction with 19 arches, carrying a single line over Lake Walschuch to reach the village. This bridge was used satisfactory until 1946, when it was noticed that the bridge supports were crumbling. The entire viaduct was replaced by a new stone built example, with 13 Arches to spread out the weight and two running lines installed. An embankment was also built to reduce the lenght of the viaduct at the same time.

1967 incidentEdit

In 1967, an incident occured on Walschurch Viaduct, when Bulleid "Battle of Britain" pacific, No 34090 "Sir Eustace Missenden", derailed whilst crossing the bridge with a mail service. Due to a weight distribution problem, and the poor condition of the track, the locomotive (travelling tender first) left the rails between the 5th and 6th arch (from the Walschurch end), damaging the viaduct between the 6th and 8th arches. 
Wals Acc 1967

The 1967 incident, as photographed by officials. No 34090 is seen leaning on the edge of the viaduct.

The locomotive was removed from the viaduct that same day, but repairs took several months to complete, with the arches being strenghtened and track being replaced.


The Dark Railway SeriesEdit



  • The Viaduct is one of the most filmed and photographed areas of the Dark Railway, due to it's position as a large, easily accessible bridge. An annual photography competition is held in Walschurch, focusing on photographs taken near or of the Viaduct and Lake.
  • From 1946 until 1968, the Viaduct was the point at which the line went from single to double track. From March 1968, with the doubling of the railway south of the Viaduct, this is no longer the case.
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