The Man in Overalls

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

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August 25th, 2017

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The Man in Overalls is the tenth episode of the seventh series of The Dark Railway Series.


Dave is becoming depressed at being separated from Hannah whilst he is in the museum. One winter morning, however, Dave notices a young man in overalls quietly making his way around the museum. Noticing he is awake, the man, who explains he is Mr. Smash's apprentice, starts talking with Dave about his adventures, taking particular interest in the story of Leanne and Repulse. Seeing Dave getting upset about the ordeal, the apprentice changes the subject to the museum, and Dave ends up calling Mr. Dark a nutjob. To his horror, the man accidentally calls Mr. Dark "Dad", forcing him to admit that he is in fact Mr. Dark's son, Zeke Dark.

Dave momentarily panics, awaking Theo. Theo reveals that he and Zeke know each other, and the conversation soon turns to more of the pair's misadventures. They continue talking until Zeke notices the time and heads back to work, asking Dave and Theo to not say anything about his identity so the others won't treat him differently. For some time afterwards, he continues to come back to talk to the two engines until he notices they are becoming more and more depressed. Dave and Theo admit that they miss Hannah and Otto, so Zeke decides to speak with his father. A few days before Christmas, Allan arrives to rearrange the museum, and Dave and Theo are soon repositioned at the front of the museum. Zeke reveals that Mr. Dark is planning to have them leave the museum for a few days to spend some time with Hannah and Otto. The two engines thank Zeke for his help, as he heads out of the museum towards his father.