Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

Guest starring

Stuart Steel as Five
Gwion Rhys Davies as Mr.

Air date

May 22nd, 2017

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Braking Bad

Smashing! is the second episode of the seventh series of The Dark Railway Series.


Work on rebuilding the line and stations is keeping most of the engines busy, but one morning sees Dave, Brian and Raymond deciding to bunk off work and relax at the sheds. Their chatting is interrupted, however, by Mr. Dark, who decides that they can be useful and keep the two new engines, who are arriving that day, company. The first to arrive is Mr. Smash's Britannia, No. 70047. Brian is particularly happy to see another BR Standard on the line, but notices something strange about him as he is pushed into the sheds.

The engine quickly begins making conversation with the three friends, and they are just introducing themselves when Dave notices the nameplate on his side: 'Caracus Smash'. As Dave begins to question this, Caracus explains that he was the only member of his class to never be named in service, and this made him rather upset at times. When he was withdrawn and sold to Mr. Smash, he thought that it was the end, but was very surprised when he was treated like he had feelings and restored to working order. He was so grateful for this that when Mr. Smash asked him if he would like a name, he chose to be named after the man himself. Brian realises that seeing him with nameplates is what he thought was strange about him, and Caracus tells them how much he is looking forward to getting back into service again. As the day wears on, Caracus is visited by more engines, all of whom are impressed by the newcomer.

Later on, Caracus is alone when the second new arrival, the DRPS' tank engine, Five, arrives at the shed. They begin to wonder about the rumours surrounding the line, when they are visited by three men: Mr. Dark, Mr. Smash and the DRPS Chairman. They reaffirm the duties the pair will be carrying out on the line before leaving them to interact with the other engines. That evening, most of the engines are keen to talk to Caracus, but noticing that Five is being ignored, he diverts their attention towards him. The engines welcome him to the railway, and Five begins to tell them a story about his past as Caracus drifts off to sleep, looking forward to starting work the next day.