Short Circuit

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

Guest starring

Callum Hancock as Clyde and
Anthony Sims as Barry and Buzz
Christian Rasmussen as Mr. B
Andy Stovold as Andy
Logan Kinnaird as the railway

Air date

June 23rd, 2018

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Short Circuit is the eighth episode of the eighth series of The Dark Railway Series.


Another Western hydraulic, Andy, has been purchased by the DRPS for use on odd jobs around the railway. Leno is initially worried that he will end up losing his job, but once he speaks to Andy, his realises his fears are unfounded. One morning, Andy is preparing to take a morning commuter train, but one passenger starts complaining about having a diesel taking his train instead of a steam engine. The passenger ends up convincing everyone to leave the train and complain as well, forcing Mr. Dark to make Andy come off the train and fetch Barry so he can take it instead, much to the disgust of both engines.

Over time, the diesels find themselves being subjected to more and more abuse from the passengers. This culminates in an incident where Allan is involved in an exchange with the same passenger from Andy's experience, and that night Ryan is graffitied in a case of mistaken identity. Having finally had enough, the diesels arrange a meeting. They learn that Mr. Dark has been advertising the railway as a steam railway, hence the increase in negativity towards the diesels. To force Mr. Dark to address the situation, the diesels decide to go on strike.

The diesels, along with Buzz, refuse to move the next morning, and chaos reigns around the railway as a result. The steam engines are forced to cover all of the diesels' work, and Hannah berates Warrior for their actions. Then, several days later, the diesels find themselves being started up by their drivers. Mr. Dark informs them that he has banned several individuals from the railway for their actions and that he has begun a new marketing campaign advertising the importance of the diesel fleet as well. He also informs them that he has arranged a special diesel gala for them that weekend. The diesels worry about further abuse, but Mr. Dark assures them that he will not tolerate it any longer. The diesel gala proves to be a huge success, and while some still turn their noses up, the diesels find themselves facing no further abuse from the general public.




  • The title of this episode is a reference to the Daft Punk track "Short Circuit".
  • The ending credits forshadow the events of the following episode.