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Raxas Heath
  • Location: Raxas Heath, Kent
  • Operator: British Rail
  • Constructed: 1868
  • Station Code: RH
  • Platforms: 2
  • Status: Closed (1967)

Raxas Heath railway station is a small station built by the South Eastern Railway for their Market Leyborough and Barbourne route in 1868.


Raxas Heath station was built by the SER in 1868 to serve the small village of Raxas Heath, located on the banks of the River Raxas. 

The station was rather unimportant, and was called at on very few service trains travelling up and down the line.  It was located roughly two miles north of Galen Junction , and four miles south of a mainline junction at Market Leyborough.

Raxas Heath station was closed and demolished by British Rail in October 1967. The track between Market Leyborough and Raxas Heath was lifted in 1968, causing problems for the Dark Railway, which often used this route to access the national network at Market Leyborough for it's London bound mainline services.

The station site has been retained at present, though any plans for the Dark Railway to reopen the line would require immense financial support and general support from the local authorities and residents.

Layout and Facilities Edit

The station had two through platforms, with waiting shelters and two footbridgse providing cross-platform access. There were no other facilities at this station.

Appearances Edit

The Dark Railway Series


Trivia Edit

  • Raxas Heath was only ever seen once within the series, when Dave rescues Cammer from the station after breaking down.