Pogo Rides Again

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

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October 31st, 2013

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Pogo Rides Again is the tenth episode of the fourth series of The Dark Railway Series.

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One cold night, Dave is complaining to Brian about having to take a late night express goods train to Merecombe. Shortly afterwards, the train arrives, and Dave proceeds on his way. The journey starts well enough, but when he reaches Walschurch, an unusually thick fog comes down, and as he passes the bankers siding, he and his crew see a small, white glowing engine that they have never seen before. In the confusion, none of them notice that the signal had been red, and as they talk about the sight, Dave suddenly collides with the back of Cammer's train.

When Dave comes to, he finds himself in a strange place with no rails. Thinking he is dead, he suddenly comes face to face with the ghost engine, Pogo. Pogo warns Dave that he needs to appreciate his life, for a great danger lurks on the horizon. Left utterly bewildered, Dave is transported back to when he was talking with Brian and when he predicts his train coming in, he explains to Brian what happened. To his surprise, Brian believes him, revealing that he had a similar experience with that same ghost. In 1958, when Brian was accidentally brought to Barry Island, he thought that his time was at an end when he was suddenly met with the same ghost, who assured him that he wasn't to pass on. As Pogo disappeared, Brian had seen Dave emerging from the fog, meeting him for the first time.

Dave eventually proceeds onwards with the train again, and when the fog comes down again at Walschurch he yells at his crew to stop. This time, there is no engine in the bankers siding, but the stationmaster reveals that Cammer is stuck on the hill and that they had prevented a nasty accident. Feeling shaken, Dave arrives at Merecombe later that night, wondering what Pogo meant by appreciating his life and what sort of dangers is lurking on the horizon.

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  • This episode also serves as the Halloween special for 2013.
  • This was the last official episode of The Dark Railway Series released for over a year until What a Catch! aired in January 2015.
  • Pogo's mentioning of "A great danger on the horizon" is a reference to the events that transpire during the later episodes of Series 5, when Repulse (aka Leanne) arrives on the line.

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