Owen's Woes

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

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September 21st, 2013

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Owen's Woes is the third episode of the fourth series of The Dark Railway Series.

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Cammer's encounter with the cows leads to him being teased by the bigger engines on the Dark Railway, though the engines at Soma are more sympathetic, assuring him that there is no problem and that the others also have secret fears. As they talk, Mr. Dark arrives, informing Theo and Otto that they are in need of overhauls, having not had one since 1950. When Leno asks about the shunting arrangements while the twins are away, Mr. Dark tells him that he already has someone in mind for the job. He later travels to Merecombe, and informs Owen that he will be moving to Soma for a while to cover for the twins. Although initially reluctant, he agrees to the job.

The next morning, Owen heads to Soma where Theo and Otto welcome him before they leave, telling him to make sure that their "secret stash" isn't found. A short while later, Leno and Cammer arrive and offer to show Owen what to do. Over the next few weeks, the two engines teach Owen how to handle the ballast trucks, and he becomes much more confident.

However, one day, Owen is shunting when the yard foreman approaches him and asks him to collect some milk tankers left at Axley due to the others being held up at the Junction following a derailment. He heads down to Axley and collects the tankers, but finds that he is unable to climb the hill with all of them. His driver decides to take them up one at a time, making Owen feel upset about his weakness. For the rest of the morning, Owen takes the tankers up to Soma and feels exhausted by lunchtime. That evening, Leno and Cammer arrive at Soma and apologise for the situation. Still feeling upset, Owen tells them about how he feels, and the two engines assure him that he is still a very good shunter, and still completed the task regardless of how it was done.

Owen is cheered up by the two engines' kind words, and agrees that all that matters to him is that he is a darn good shunter.

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