"You two are crazy! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!"
— Five
Mothership Reconnection

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

Air date

July 20, 2017

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The Red Herring

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Mothership Reconnection is the seventh episode of the seventh series of The Dark Railway Series.


The engines notice that work is being done on the site of the former shed complex at Galen Junction. Five is helping the workmen and the DRPS on the project, but he is refusing to tell anyone what is going on, being sworn to secrecy. The engines try unsuccessfully to get him to talk, and only Leno is not pestering him about it. One day, when Five is working up at Soma, Theo and Otto decide to try and threaten the answer out of him with their Tau Cannon, but their plan fails with the arrival of Leno and Mr. Dark, who says that the plan is being revealed at a meeting that evening.

The engines are gathered at Merecombe Sheds where Mr. Dark, Mr. Smash and Mr. Chairman address them all by apologising for the secrecy surrounding the work, as they didn't want to say anything before everything was in place. They first reveal that work has also been going on at Colhapper to construct a new Motive Power Depot on the site of the old one to allow engines to start work at both ends of the line again, pleasing the engines. Moving onto the topic of the Junction, Mr. Smash announces that he is moving his business, Caracus Smash Ltd., to Galen Junction, with a new workshop being built over the next few months. As the engines are left delighted by this news, Mr. Chairman reveals that as some of the engines are due for overhauls shortly, and it will be a while before Mr. Smash's works is ready, a railway museum is also being constructed at the Junction to store engines awaiting overhauls.

Mr. Dark tells them that engines will be swapped out in the museum from time to tiime, turning to Theo and Otto. He decides to split them up for a while as punishment for their behaviour, choosing Theo to go into the museum first. The twins object to the decision, but Mr. Dark ignores them. The men leave the engines to discuss the news, while the twins decide to apologise to Five for their actions. Five forgives them, and promises Theo that he will look after Otto whilst they are apart.




  • The events of The Red Herring are referenced.
  • The title is a reference to the Scott Grooves track "Mothership Reconnection", more specifically after the remix by Daft Punk.