Colhapper Shed
Colhapper Shed
  • Location: City of Colhapper, Kent.
  • Operator: Dark Railway
  • Constructed: 1971
  • Status: Open

Colhapper Shed is the southern Motive Power Depot (MPD) of the Dark Railway. It is located just outside Colhapper.

Layout and FacilitiesEdit

Current ShedEdit

The current Colhapper Shed has 6 roads for locomotive storage and disposal (4 roads leading into one shed for the steam fleet and the other two into another for the diesels). There is also a small maintenence shed just outside the the main sheds for general maintenence and paintjobs.

Just behind the sheds is a 6 road carriage storage shed, and adjacent to it is the locomotive fueling depot. To the west of the site, nearer the mainline, is the locomotive fuelling depot. In front of the main sheds is a large turntable for turning locomotives.


The Dark Railway SeriesEdit



  • Colhapper Sheds were constructed to prevent over crowding at Merecombe and to allow easy access to the southern end of the railway.
  • Unlike Merecombe Sheds which has a brick wall at the back, the track roads Colhapper Sheds go all the way through the sheds and out both sides.
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