Claim to Fame

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

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James Littlewood as Oliver

Air date

August 13th, 2015

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Claim to Fame is the sixth episode of the fifth series of The Dark Railway Series.

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One evening, Mr. Dark gathers his engines at the sheds for a meeting. He informs them that steam is coming to an end on the national network, though he assures them that he has no intention of ending steam on his railway. He then tells them that a railtour is visiting the railway the following Wednesday to mark the end of mainline steam, and that it is to be hauled by a celebrity engine. As soon as he leaves, the engines begin discussing who the celebrity could be, with answers ranging from City of Truro to Royal Scot and Mallard.

However, the following Wednesday, the engines are surprised to see that the engine on the train is not one that they recognise. The engine introduces himself as Oliver Cromwell, the last engine to be overhauled at Crewe, and is in disbelief that nobody knows who he is. The engines scoff at his reasoning for becoming famous, with many citing reasons as to why they can claim to be more famous than the visitor. Oliver Cromwell writes all of them off, bragging about how he is more famous than they'll ever be.

Otto quickly gets bored of Oliver's attitude, bringing out an invention that turns Oliver into a little saddle tank. After being changed back to normal again, Oliver is frightened of the engines, declaring that he shall never visit the railway again before leaving. The engines jeer after him, unaware of how they have just chased off what will eventually become a true celebrity in preservation.

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