Cammer, Colin and Cows

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

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September 14th, 2013

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Cammer, Colin and Cows is the second episode of the fourth series of The Dark Railway Series.

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Cammer quickly settles down on the Dark Railway, primarily working on the Soma branch pulling the ballast trains from Soma to the Junction. He gets a lot of admiration and sympathy from the other engines due to his tragic backstory and early withdrawal, and they all agree that British Railways need to sort out their priorities.

One morning, Mr. Dark asks Cammer to take a cattle train from Walschurch. Cammer is worried, due to a fear of animals he hasn't yet told the others, but he agrees to do it, not wanting to let Mr. Dark down. He heads down to Walschurch and is coupled up to the train. As they are not due to leave for a while, his driver leaves him alone to chat up a woman on the platform, and a short while later the farmer arrives with his cows.

However, as they are loading the train, a commotion arises nearby, as someone is trying to steal the farmer's tractor. He forgets to close the cattle dock gates, allowing the cows to leave the dock and surround Cammer on the tracks, terrifying the diesel. Luckily, Colin arrives with a goods train and hurries over to Cammer, helping to round up the cows with the farmer and his crew. Cammer reveals to Colin that his fear of animals comes from an incident a few years ago where a goat rammed into him, damaging his bufferbeam. Colin assures him that his fear is nothing to be ashamed, admitting that he is frightened of thunder. Cammer continues on his way, still feeling shaken by his encounter with the cows.

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  • This is the first episode to show Brian's additional job of counting the railway's finances.

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