Braking Bad

Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden


Thomas Dibden

Guest starring

Stuart Steel as Five
David Seward as Caracus' guard
Freddie Veiga-Pires as Caracus'
Glenn Streeter as Caracus' fireman

Air date

June 1st, 2017

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The Road to Colhapper

Braking Bad is the third episode of the seventh series of The Dark Railway Series.


Caracus Smash is excited for his first day in service on the Dark Railway, but his day doesn't start off too smoothly. Firstly, he is forced to wait to collect coal and water as Dave is being picky at the hopper, and then he learns that he will have to run tender first as he can't get access to the turntable. Disappointed, he couples up to the train where his spirits are lifted by compliments from the passengers.

However, as Caracus is leaving the station, he notices the train seems heavier than it should be. At first he brushes this off as being out of practise, but then the emergency brake suddenly comes on, bringing the train to a stop just outside the station. The guard comes up to him and his crew demanding to know what has happened, but none of them know for sure, as none of the passengers pulled an emergency chord. Testing the brakes, they discover that they aren't coming fully off, so the guard decides to investigate. He comes back revealing that the brakes on the rear coach are locked on, assuming it must be a defect. They decide to uncouple the coach and move the passengers to the other coaches, and as Ryan takes the defective coach back to the station, Caracus takes the train onwards, embarrassed at how late he is now running.

Later that day, Caracus meets Mr. Dark and apologises for the mishap. Mr. Dark, however, assures him that it wasn't his fault and that locked brakes are a frequent occurence on the line. He also reveals that the passengers were impressed by Caracus' performance on the journey back, which cheers him up greatly. That evening, after telling the others about the day's events, Five arrives on shed and he and Caracus discuss their first day. Five suggests that the railway could become their permanent home if they keep things up, and the two engines settle down for the night, pleased that their first day wasn't a complete disaster.




  • The title of this episode is a reference to the television series Breaking Bad.