Allan Does Galen

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Thomas Dibden

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October 18th, 2013

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Allan Does Galen is the seventh episode of the fourth series of The Dark Railway Series.

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Allan is grumbling as usual, and he reveals to Ryan that he is unsure if he is needed at Merecombe Industrial Estate anymore. That evening, he tells Mr. Dark about this, and Mr. Dark reveals that he was going to speak to Allan about a transfer to become the station pilot at Galen Junction. Allan is reluctant following his previous attempt at being a station pilot, but Mr. Dark promises to get a professional to help him. The following week, Allan heads down to Galen Junction and is surprised to discover that Owen will be helping him.

Owen teaches Allan what to do, and soon he learns what to do, quickly getting confident enough for Owen to return to Soma. He does well for the first few days, but is soon met with a problem. On Friday evening, Turbo, who is due to take the express, is delayed, so it is decided to run Dave's stopping passenger train first. Unfortunately, nobody has told Allan about the change, so he has shunted the express coaches into the platform, and only learns about what is happening when Dave arrives. He is shaken by the incident, and becomes worried that Mr. Dark will send him back to the Industrial Estate.

The following morning, Allan awakes to find Mr. Dark in front of him. He apologises for his mistake, but Mr. Dark assures him that it wasn't his fault, and that he has been doing a great job as station pilot. Allan is cheered up, and in the weeks that follow becomes an even more successful station pilot, feeling happier than he has been in a long time.

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  • The events of BR Blues are referenced.

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